Thank you Good Samaritan

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Josh helped me call my Family.


Thank you Good Samaritan.

Apple’s iPhone has a setting so when you dial 911 you can send an automated SOS emergency alert to whomever you set up as your emergency contact(s).

As i was riding an hour to the gym, i somehow dialed 911. Assured the operator it was an error.


Cheryl, Chapin, and my Sister Lori all received SOS alerts, and then they immediately tried calling and texting.

Somehow, i also simultaneously rendered the phone inoperable by accidentally configuring VoiceOver.

Several minutes from the closest business, my Allergist, i planned to use their phone to call Cheryl, not realizing they didn’t open for 20 more minutes – far too long to leave someone hanging knowing i may have been hit by a car.

Josh was jogging but waiting for the traffic light to change.

He wasn’t in a hurry and he saved the day.

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