Missing Carter

Ever miss something or someone so much that it takes your breath away? Not wanting to belabor the point, however, yesterday was tough coming home. You know what I’m talking about. And I was just grieving the loss of a Pet. Ever wonder what it must be like to try to recover from the loss […]

The Gift That Visit Brought Us

We’ve been talking about a beloved Family pet, our Yellow Lab, Carter. Virtually all pet owners understand the remarkable bond humans forge with their pets. And it’s especially strong in a pet relationship where there are no children. Here’s the gift we received from what we thought was our very last weekend with Carter. We […]

The End Was Imminent

Imminent. Looming. Threatening. This is what we thought October 2008, just over a year ago. Our beloved Canine Son, Carter, a nine-year old Yellow Lab, was very sick. Our Vet spotted an unusual sore in the roof of Carter’s mouth during his routine annual exam two months prior. The sore ate a hole in the […]