Walt hated sequels

Walt hated sequels. “You can’t top pigs with pigs”, he said after a successful 1934 release of The Three Little Pigs (TTLP). There were three sequels to TTLP, none of which ever topped the original. It’s fascinating to me to see how our cultural values have morphed into embracing sequels – Toy Story has produced […]

Surprise and delight

Surprise and delight never gets old. To receive more than you expect creates the wow factor. Same thing happens when you give more than you expect, usually. Sometimes an exception occurs and your extra giving goes unnoticed or unappreciated. Please don’t allow rainy weather to ruin your enthusiasm for the sun. •  •  •  • […]

Silent prayers

Silent prayers. While it may seem like i’ve abandoned our traditional dinner-time prayer, that’s not true. What’s true is they aren’t vocalized. That’s the only difference. Why not vocalize? Taking the risk that it will sit better with our Guests this week. It could be a missed opportunity. It could also be the perfect approach. […]

As CEO of You, Inc.

As CEO of You, Inc… You are in charge of everything in your life. You can’t control consequences, but you can control your choices. No one is excellent enough to make 100% perfect decisions. In fact, if you’re not willing to fail, you can not be creative. Without innovation (which feeds off of creativity), progress, […]