Dear Son

Depth is how you rise to the top

College Admissions directors presentation
College Admissions Directors presentation in the High School’s gym, last night before driving to St Petersburg (FL).


College Admissions directors presentation
Began the day in Ohio, flew home, did some work, went to the High School, then drove 90 minutes to the Hilton.


College Admissions directors presentation
University of California Berkeley, FSU, and Northwestern admissions directors shared best practices.


The key theme at last night’s college admissions process presentation was depth.

Titles are nice, but titles don’t trump depth.

Depth and character are synonymous here.


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This Might Change Your Life

Weekends off for the rest of your life?

Orlando based management consultants


(photo: The new profile can include words like CEO, Owner, Founder, doesn’t work on weekends unless he wants to)

Praying that the goal to no longer work weekends doesn’t ever feel selfish.

The jar of beads is less than 1/3 full.

Each bead represents a weekend – 52 weekends a year multiplied by the number of years until a child is 18 years old (old enough to leave home on their own free will).

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Busy...Dreadfully Busy

Pray Without Ceasing Loses It’s Meaning When We Are Very Busy

Would have gone on the walk with them, but I was working on a deadline.

I’ll pray tonight..too much to do today. I’ll pray tomorrow, too much to do tonight. Oh my gosh, I completely forgot about Monday’s Cub Scout meeting…

Insight: You tell me please, I’m too busy to discern it today.

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