.think .differently

Jack Jack, Simba, Nemo, Dash – youth who will go on to become CEO of You, Inc. Right now, they are definitely not CEO of You, Inc. Teach them how to be a great CEO. Photo: Lillian, Walt, and Diane Disney.

i can never be bored enough, frustrated enough, or whine enough to think that my life would suddenly change as a result of thinking negative thoughts and behaving negatively.

Doesn’t work that way. Never has. Never will.

Whatever you are, you become better at and more of.

This “becoming better at” can be an asset or a liability:

  • Negative thoughts yield more and bigger negative thoughts
  • Positive thoughts yield more and bigger positive thoughts

You can change what you become by thinking different thoughts.

As CEO of You, Inc this is your responsibility, no one else’s.

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