Research is free & easy

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You can find out some interesting stuff in minutes. By interesting, think revealing and cool, or perhaps, questionable.

Research is free & easy.

Want to know something specific about someone?

Start with Google.

Then, in Florida, search or the property appraisers website. Or check a real estate website like Zillow.

Our bi-annual Homeowner’s Association (HOA) meeting is coming up. It will likely be a tense, dysfunctional mess.

A few neighbors demonstrate behaviors that no one can unsee nor unhear.

Basic homeowner tip: do not draw attention to yourself because attention-getting behavior violates, or probably violates, Orange County Code and or Florida State laws.

Fear of retaliation drives silence.

A basic phenomenon, next door neighbors won’t say anything to their next door neighbor, even though they see and hear the behavior daily.

Each resident is empowered to use the tools (Zoning Codes Enforcement, State laws and statutes) to manage their residential expectations and experience.

Occasionally, the deeper you explore the internet, the more you find. It can be alarming.

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Have what?

This nurse sang a familiar song to the patient while the song played in the background. Not only does the nurse have compassion, she can sing. Think about your own gifts. And use them to the best of your ability. That will be enough.

Have what?

Did you mean have not?

Sound familiar?

It’s not what you don’t have, it’s what you think you need that holds you back.

You have everything you need to become a good and decent person. A person who learns as they go, a person who lives in constant gratitude, and a person who continuously increases their peace and contentment.

You are an example to others your age.

Without intending to you are leading the way by being the example for never getting bored with the basics.

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This website is about our SPIRIT. To enjoy today’s post about our WORK, click here.

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