Pray Without Ceasing, Do Animals Do That?

One has eyes wide open, the other, eyes yet to open

What goes through an animal’s mind when it’s neck is caught in a predator’s death grip? Everyday in the animal world is another day of survival of the fittest. When a parent animal watches it’s offspring get captured to become the predator’s meal, do animals pray?

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Why Baby Boomers Would Choose To Quit Is A Mystery Of The Same Magnitude As Faith

The circle of life

Perhaps it is the same in nature and we should just take our direction from the laws of nature. Do older animals just accept that they are slower and weaker and have now taken a place in the circle of life where they can no longer escape the inevitable outcome they’ll be caught and eaten?

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Boomers, Which Is Easier, Giving Up Or Never Giving Up?

We buried our 2nd Yellow Lab, Carter, on Valentine's Day

Here’s a little Baby Boomer midlife wisdom from jeff noel, The Blog Whisperer: There is no difference in the effort required to live life. The only difference is in what type of effort, proactive or reactive. There is no shortcut.

It’s tempting to never want to get another pet because of how the ending goes. But look at all that would be missed. A great metaphor for life in general.

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