It costs $800k

The Rosary Mario held during his open-heart surgery. i asked permission to photograph it.

Went to Mass alone yesterday.

Got in line for coffee and donuts even though i don’t do either.

Just wanted to participate in spiritual community.

Maybe 15 minutes in line talking with a friend, he and his Family get coffee and donuts and i decide which table to sit at amongst the 20 tables in the long, narrow room.

The closest table at the end of the donut tables was empty except for a middle-aged man i’ve never seen before.

A year ago to the day, he and his wife arrived from Dominican Republic to spend Christmas with his 28-year old only son.

Stomach pain landed him in the local hospital at 3:00 PM, and the doctors told him he needed open-heart surgery at 6:00 AM.

His heart was so bad, they said he’d soon die.

He didn’t have $800,000, nor insurance to cover the surgery.

His prognosis was only 15-20% he’d survive the surgery.

The hospital gave him the $800,000 operation and subsequent treatments and therapies for free.

A priest gave him last rights and a Rosary.

He asked the medical team if he could hold the Rosary in his hand during the surgery.

This is a story that can’t be made up.

i almost stayed home.

i almost skipped coffee and donuts.

i almost didn’t sit at Mario’s table.

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Four random, yet powerful moments out of nowhere

WPS Senior night
The senior players and equipment managers were honored last night.


WPS Basketball
Friday night High School basketball.


WPS boys basketball team
Senior night, their final home game.


High School Basketball scoreboard
Our great team got handily defeated by an even greater team.


Bad show example at Disney Convention Cener
At the start of the day i went to check the marque to see if there was a Disney Institute program. This event board is a “bad show” example.


Four random but intensely thought-provoking encounters yesterday, in chronological order:

  1. I haven’t slept well in two years.
  2. No one’s ever asked me that, ever.
  3. I’m diabetic and have MS.
  4. He’s suspended because of two technical fouls.


1. A Disney University colleague’s comment after he pulled over on his way to work after passing me as i ran on Disney property. We chatted for 15 minutes.

2. The Gold’s Gym manager’s response after i asked him what his big 2016 goal is.

3. A middle-aged woman’s first response after i asked her what motivates her to work out so hard.

4. Asked the High School Director why one of the team’s star players was missing from the lineup.





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