Fascinating views from Land to World

southwest canyons from a plane
The things that are ordinary are. And often, they are also extra.

This river canyon split in an interesting way. 

Or, it may not split at all. Could be a short, secondary river feeding into a primary river.

The big picture is fascinating, especially when we look at our own lives.

Frequent (daily) self-reflection is a life hack for high achievers. 

High achievers are often the ones who need the least. 

But the secret is you have to work hard to learn what’s essential and what’s not. And then work even harder to put structure and processes in place to deliver on a simple life. 

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Our best teaching is by example

1,000 pairs of paper with post-it notes were assembled in this fashion, making it easy to place in the conference facility at every chair. Here are 2 of 7 piles…never gonna fit unless it’s drastically changed.
There were seven giant piles of carefully stacked pairs (like the upper left pile) of card stock with 2 post-it notes on each.
Had to undo all the tedious and careful assembly that took hours. The only way the suitcase could fit 7 piles was to collapse the stacks (see 3 stacks now).

Our best teaching is by example.

The Madrid Disney Creativity Keynote speech will be more impactful because the speaker will only be preaching what he practices.

Many will get the reality that the speech is actually applying, in real time, the fundamental content insights the speaker is sharing.

Simplicity is preached as necessary, inspiring, and practical.

The speech is necessary, inspiring, and practical.

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This website is about our SPIRIT. To enjoy today’s post about our WORK, click here.

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All this in only one day

Traveling Teddy Bear
The one and only photo of Jack on this trip.


Allegiant Air digital boarding passant Ai
Lower middle left…”date stamp” (yesterday).


Military service dog and handler
Touched by the dedication and bond these two have for serving our Country.


Orlando Sanford remote airport parking
Last night returning to the remote holiday parking lot at Orlando Sanford airport.


After thought photo with sky lit from Magic Kingdom fireworks, from driveway.


Orlando homeowner pool
Calm before the January 1st plunge.


Orlando homeowner pool
After the “polar bear” plunge. Pool water 84 degrees last night.


Looking forward to going to Church tomorrow in a way that is challenging to explain.

We pulled into or driveway last night just after 8pm as the Magic Kingdom fireworks where in full swing.

Took a dip in the pool because i knew the water temperature had hit 84 while we were on the plane home from Pennsylvania, after nine days.

The UPS packages sat, undisturbed, on our front porch for nine days.

Overall, Family in Pennsylvania seemed in decent health.

We don’t need a Church building to officially express our gratitude; however, there are times when you’d really like to lean on tradition.





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Simple blessings yesterday

Spring Grove Area High School class of 1977
Breakfast with High School classmate and his wife (rival school).


Spring Grove Area High School class of 1977
A more natural selfie…on the fifth click.


Apple Store One-to-One session
Apple Store One-to-One session mid-morning.


Florida pool
Yes, watching TV from pool raft.


florida living poolside
Last night.


Simple blessings yesterday. From sun up to sun down.

Breakfast with a high school classmate (class of 1977) and his wife (from a rival school) near Walt Disney World at 7am.

At 7pm, it was Big Bang Theory on the back porch.

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We many never know

Orlando Professional Keynote Speakers


(photo: Each morning is a new “show”.)

Do you watch the sunrise everyday?

It’s a difficult proposition, but not impossible.

What if you did?

What would change and why?

And would the change be significant, medium, or nearly nonexistent?

Didn’t set out for it to become a daily habit, but it’s been one for six years, as the mornings begin with two hours of reading, praying, writing, thinking at a desk facing east, on the second floor, by the big windows.

A desk that for 17 years sat on the opposite side of the same room, facing the wall.

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