Subtract spiritually

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Subtract spiritually.

Less is more.

Take only what you need, only what you can carry.

Everything else is non-essential.

Shed what distracts or complicates.

Subtract feelings, emotions, people and activities that keep the main things from being the main things.

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Why does society continuously wish for miracles?

Disney pedestrian walkway over Buena Vista Drive
The busiest Disney pedestrian crosswalk is being simplified to enhance vehicle flow.


Disney pedestrian walkway over Buena Vista Drive
A simple solution isn’t always an easy one, but it is simple.


We wish for miracles.

Our lives are complicated. Busy. Full. Challenging. Stressful.

And we find socially acceptable ways to medicate, entertain, and distract ourselves.

It’s easier to find a fix for symptoms than for causes.

If we would focus on simplifying our life. Shed the non-essentials. Focus on the basics. Stay committed, focused, and disciplined – we would astonish ourselves.

Want a miracle?

Get busy simplifying.

Pretty sure that’s the short cut to our next miracle.

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