Fix your eyes


(video: The story behind For King and Country’s song, Fix My Eyes)

Who are we?

What do we stand for?

Good questions most of us wouldn’t be able to articulate very well – right now.

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What’s your favorite Christmas or Holiday song?


What’s your favorite Christmas or Holiday song?

Being inspired should never be a random moment.

Dad was a professional drummer. Growing up His son was always referred to as ‘Jack’s boy’.

Grammy-in-law’s favorite song was Little Drummer Boy.

Amazing Pentatonix version of Little Drummer Boy, because it’s Mid Life Celebration’s favorite, and stumbled upon it after Thanksgiving dinner last night.

Simplicity, intentionality, focus, purpose.

Changes. You.

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All authority, every victory, is Yours

All authority, every victory, is Yours…

Today, this morning, you’re busy. Scrambling to get ready, or frantically trying to get things done. Turn up the sound, click play, and just listen while you do what you have to do…

If you have a heart (and you do, a HUGE one), you will probably shed a tear of joy before this is over…

Live like you mean it. Today is a gift. You are the luckiest person on the planet.

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What Gift Can We Offer A King?

Time is something everyone gets the same amount of

Cheryl’s Grammy had a favorite Christmas song – Little Drummer Boy. “Shall I play for you….I have no gifts to bring…..”

My Dad was a drummer – professionally, and simply as a passion. And hence, I am a (little) drummer’s boy. I can not play for Him, but what about giving Him some of my time. What about any of us?

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