Disney Customer Service summary

Disney Customer Service summary:   Customer Service:   If you convince your customers they are loved, they will return. The harsh reality of most customer service programs, however, is that they focus on customer satisfaction, which is actually detrimental to your reputation. Program Overview: The Bullseye | 360 Analysis | Unifying Goal | Decision Tree […]

Disney Inspirational Keynote Speaker

  The first “real page” in the 86-page workbook says: Serve like you mean it. That’s when our work has meaning – when we feel that our work matters. Now imagine feeling that for your entire career.   __________   This website is about our spiritual health. To leave this site to read today’s post […]

People want more than hearsay and mystery

    Leading Authorities took 25% and sent the rest. The client paid $16k to hear him speak. He deposited the check yesterday. People want more than hearsay and mystery. It literally kills him to make this public, yet nothing proves a point better than proof. Reminder: This is the first revenue after six years […]