How Do We Manage Our Expectations Of Hope?

Do we manage our expectations of Hope? Do we think that Hope is the same as making something come true? Often what we hope for doesn’t happen. Then what? Last month in Iowa, jogging around the local College campus, this Hope (backwards from the outside) sign was hanging from an office window. Maybe that’s it, […]

Two Simple Words To Live By

Ever try repeatedly to do something and fail, and finally think you’ll never do the thing you were trying to do? Three trips and six passes by this Halifax, Nova Scotia garage wall sign. Pay off, finally got the photo as we sped by. Two simple words to live by. Next Blog

Will He Make It?

Can I make it to May 31? Does it even matter? I’m not sure about either. So I’m gonna at least try. Dude, what are you talking about? Writing five blogs per day for nearly three months straight. Sometime in February, I can’t remember exactly, I challenged myself to write daily in the five blogs […]