Dear Son

That Was Brilliant The Way Yesterday’s Post Ended, If I Must Say So Myself

At the end of our lives, we should take our memories, our smile and a few flowers…

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may.

Dear Son, daisies and the Noel Family go way, way back.

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Common Sense

Why Do We Stop Doing Things Because We Feel Embarrassed?

When you go into town for the big summer festival…(Orcas Island 1984)

No need to let others know you have no money for restaurants…

Or souvenirs…

When you leave the festival, take your memories, your smile, and a few flowers with you.

Maybe this is what we do at the end of life too.

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Our Choices Make Us

The Blog Whisperer Hopes You’re Catching The Underlying Message Here

All-time favorite: peanut butter, banana & honey sandwich. No refrigeration required.

And we always asked for a table with a view…a Ferry boat ride through Puget Sound…

In your best dreams, what does your life look like? What do you need to do now, so down the road, you’ll look back with fewer regrets.

That’s what I saw as a new husband. A future life filled with job and family responsibilities that would make leaving on a bike trip (with no return date and no specific route) seem irrational.

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Not Enough Money In the World To Buy These Types Of Memories, That’s What Makes Us Rich

Sure, for every downhill, there was an uphill…

And you learn to enjoy one while accepting the other…

It was an unconventional way for a man to show his new wife how much he loves her. Maybe better to spend 17 days in Hawaii, at a luxurious ocean-side resort.

We didn’t take $200 dollars because we thought it would be cool to live frugally. We took it because that’s all we had.

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Blessed Beyond Measure?

Who Could Imagine This, Without This?

Hard to imagine this…

Without this…

Sure, it was our honeymoon. Sure, we only had $200. Sure, we were on bicycles. And in fact, we were married more than a year before this 17-day trip. Sure we only spent one night in a hotel with indoor plumbing.

Sure, we will never forget any of it.

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