Busy...Dreadfully Busy

Dear Lord, Thank You For The Challenge Of Making Each Day Count

How motivated would you be to make each day count if you had no identity, not even a birthday, like the orphans in yesterday’s story?

Okay, so fast forward to your amazing grace. The fact that you have Internet access to read this, for example. You literally have everything, those children literally have nothing. Then how would it be possible for us to go through the next 24 hours without trying to do work that seriously matters? How?

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Busy...Dreadfully Busy

Most Days We Hit The Ground Running, When We Should Hit The Ground Praying

The longer we live, the more obvious our abundant blessings appear. But like certain cartoon characters, we never seem to learn. For example, Wile E. Coyote in the Looney Tunes Road Runner show.

I mean, just the other day a news story told of African orphans with no parents, and no identity – not even a birthday. Can you imagine? A twisted conspiracy by the devil to shake our faith?

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Not Fully Awake

Grabbed the wrong folder?
Grabbed the wrong folder?

Been awake for an hour now, but not fully, wide-eyed, awake.

Sort of a numb-awake, if that’s even a term. The kind of semi-conscious consciousness from working really hard at something and having “sore muscles” from it.

Except, these muscles aren’t physical, they’re spiritual. Ever think so much, or meditate so much that you’re mind and spirit are foggy the next day? Perhaps it’s the equivalent of a hangover, without the nausea.

So many people are struggling with so many things. It’s everywhere and affects everyone. It overwhelms me.

And I often feel guilty.

Do you ever feel similar to this?

Crazy thing is, it’s always been like this.

So it deserves more dialogue, if for no other reason than to clear some thoughts, or at the very least, grab the right folder.

November 2009

Why Followers Want Passion

Why do followers want passion?

Forgive me please. A few days ago, I promised to elaborate. So here it is.

Why do followers want passion? Pardon the boldness, but isn’t it obvious?

No. Seriously. Isn’t it obvious?

Who the heck wants to follow someone who doesn’t have passion?

Think about what it is that you admire in truly great leaders.

Passion usually revolves around wanting to do something very important, but with this caveat – to do something important even better. To do more of it.

And the funny thing is, the passion is so overwhelming, that others are drawn to it beyond their control.

Moses, Paul, Peter, John, Mary. Ya with me?


He’s My Son

Saturday’s post naming my top three favorite Christian artists, didn’t mention Mark Schultz. Why? It contained only the top three.

My good friend Craig reminded me of Mark Schultz – he’s number four. One song of his is particularly poignant, “He’s My Son“.

Here’s a 1 1/2 minute version capturing the essence. There were many, many nights, before our son’s disease was diagnosed that we felt fairly helpless. Not that we no longer do, but we at least know what we are dealing with.