What shall we offer at the alter?

Rising Sun Motor Inn
Rising Sun, late afternoon July 2014. Walk where your people walk. It’s the only way to gain respect.


What shall we offer at the alter?

  • Inverted pyramid
  • Appleton
  • COE Cards
  • Inside the Box
  • 360
  • Extra “
  • Purpose

Key strategies and tactics to offer your committed team.


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God Whispered To Me

He Whispered In My Ear
He Whispered In My Ear

Blogging, if you’ve ever thought about doing it, really challenges you to discover, deep down inside, what you believe in.

And when you post it on the Internet, the whole world sees it.

It really forces you to commit to your beliefs. And even better, it challenges you to rise to the behavior you preach about.

It’s transformed my life.

Now, God has whispered to me that others may also find this transformational tool helpful. You can do it. 🙂

But do you want to?