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(photo: Each morning is a new “show”.)

Do you watch the sunrise everyday?

It’s a difficult proposition, but not impossible.

What if you did?

What would change and why?

And would the change be significant, medium, or nearly nonexistent?

Didn’t set out for it to become a daily habit, but it’s been one for six years, as the mornings begin with two hours of reading, praying, writing, thinking at a desk facing east, on the second floor, by the big windows.

A desk that for 17 years sat on the opposite side of the same room, facing the wall.

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A gift? Or a burden?

The very fist golden rays of the sun barley touching the railing pillars
The very fist golden rays of the sun barely touching the railing pillars


Was astonished to catch the gentlest reminder that the sun is on it’s way to light another glorious day. One brand new day. A gift? Or a burden?

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As The Sun Rises

Sometimes the right flower reminds us of the sun…

Sitting at my desk, as the sun rises near the end of each morning devoted to prayer, meditation, writing, reading, readying for the great day ahead, the sun begins it’s climb up over the pine forest, about 400 meters away, looking out my 2nd floor window.

I shut the window blinds until the sun, in it’s unstoppable cycle, rises high enough to cut the glare.

What a blessing to be alive…

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