Parent, how dare you

Common sense health advice
Yesterday while waiting for my monthly allergy shots (i get 3 shots every visit). Common sense, eh?


During yesterday’s hour-long client meeting, we discussed purpose and meaning – professionally and personally.

His good friend (married, kids, established medical doctor) wants to be a screenwriter.

The impression i got is that the Doc no longer finds enough joy in his work to continue practicing medicine.

It was a career expectation that began with his parents.

Decades later he’s miserable, uncertain, and fearful.


He helps so many people.

But it’s not enough to fill his void.


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Joseph Gabriel

E6 Cowboy mic
Countryman E6 microphone.


Backstage with audio visual crew
Backstage (and upstairs) with audio visual crew. Emily offered the special light to help me.


Disney Customer Service Magic Keynote Speakers
Up in the Audio Visual crew’s second floor loft.


Backstage for Disney Keynote Speakers
His name is “JG”, short for Joseph Gabriel. i called him by his full name and told him he has an exceptional name.


Winter Garden Conference sponsors
Winter Garden Conference sponsors.


Thanks to Brian Fallon at The Garden Theater for providing a first class audio visual experience. Made sure to personally thank him for everything.

Following the day long event was a vendor display with give-a-ways and incentives. Ran into JG, the AV tech that helped me. Had an embarrassing moment because i had the realization that while i thanked Brian, i never went upstairs (nor did i do it publicly while on-stage) to thank JG, Emily, and Jason.

Perfectly imperfect. Lesson (powerfully) learned.




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