Final 120 Days

Prayers for motivation

The jog home….arrived at 7:34am. At 8am, we planned to leave for the Orlando/Sanford International Airport.

Prayers for motivation.

There are at least a million reasons why whatever is good and important – that we should do or need to do – can wait another day.

Don’t let it wait.

Do it now.

There are exceptions. The devil’s goal is to have you rationalize that nearly everything you can think of isn’t an exception – let it wait. Relax. Tomorrow is a new day. Do it then.

PS. Son, waiting until tomorrow is always a great idea when you are angry.

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Journey On

Embracing the freshness of each new day, day after day

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Many priorities can be distracting which feeds on itself and is potentially destructive


It is in embracing the freshness of each new day, day after day – the mundane repetitive chores – that has potential for ordinary to bear great blessings. A clean shirt, a hot meal, something to do and somebody to love. To lead with gratitude and forgiveness and never tire of it.

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