Ignore the side effects

Long, uphill hikes are metaphors for life. So are stunning views and wonderful hiking partners.

Ignore the negative side effects of a super-busy pace?


There must be powerful reasons, right?

Powerful enough to ignore long-term outcomes?


How is that a long-term and vibrant emotional strategy?

It’s not.

You clearly understand this. Well done.

Regret is always possible to reverse. When your ability to forgive yourself, surrender to things you cannot control, and live with gratitude that you can both forgive and surrender, you are free to move forward.

The key to it all is having a willing heart that is open to personal transformation.

If you think forgiveness and surrender are hard to sustain over decades of living, imagine trying to cram for personal transformation after decades of neglect.

Slow and steady wins the race. The long way is the shortcut.

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