The message (serendipitously) was about forgiveness

WFTV Pulse Orlando breaking news coverage
At 12 noon the number made us even more sick to our stomaches.


The message was about forgiveness. With the Gospel reading showcasing how God forgave David even though he murdered Bathsheba’s husband. If you’re unfamiliar, David got Bathsheba pregnant while her husband, a soldier, was in the military.

The reading (i was Lector 2) i was concerned about last week because of it’s degree of difficulty, went better than expected.

As impossible and incomprehensible it seems right now, is forgiveness possible for the most heinous acts?




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Praying nothing bad happens in America today

Track Shack 2015 Watermelon 5k
There will be 3,000 patriotic participants plus spectators.


Praying nothing bad happens in America today.

Would be lying if i said the thought of someone doing something harmful at this morning’s Watermelon 5k isn’t in the back of my mind.

This is exactly what the terrorist hope for – fear.

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Pray for Kenya.
Photo from Facebook feed.


Pray for Kenya
Photo from Facebook feed.


The question needs to move from:

Why did this happen?


Why isn’t the world doing a better job to stop it?


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Remember how confused and emotional we were after 9/11?

Tweet regarding 2015 Paris Terrorists
Not sure why, but this Tweet is intriguing.


Remember how confused and emotional we were after 9/11?


With emotions at a fever pitch, tempers flared and many wanted revenge.

Emotions ranged from sorrow to unadulterated rage.

An eye for eye.

Couldn’t help but dig deep under the surface to discern the root cause of such a brutal, seemingly unprovoked and undeserved, and senseless killing of 3,000 innocent people.

Yesterday’s post recalled the answer from the discernment.


A hate so deep and astonishingly pervasive.

The antithesis of love.

Seriously confused. Again.

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What is at the root of terrorism?

Walt Disney quote on tshirt
And then there’s the brilliance of the Golden Rule. Photo taken yesterday at Disney University.


What is at the root of terrorism?

A hate so zealously deep, one would willing kill innocent people?

What is at the root of every religion?


Love, the notion of being willing to die for someone else’s sake because you love them so much.

But wait, isn’t that what a terrorist does?

Or does it come back to a hate so strong it compels others to kill innocent people?

Anyone else seriously confused at why killing innocent people is plausible?

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