Thankful for patience

Jungle cruise from Disneyland
For some reason, this photo is on my desktop and works almost every time despite the technical issues.

Thankful for patience.

Without patience, man, i’d be a wreck.

For a week now (since the web hosting migration) i’ve been unable to use the WordPress photo uploader. i’ve spent far too many hours trying to solve it. Yesterday i made a small inroad, but it’s not working consistently.

As a compromise, i’ve been using the media library of previously used photos. While not what i want, i’ll take it until we (patiently) solve this issue.

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A test we’d all like to pass but hope to never have to take

Hawaii highway 11
Texted Keith this photo, asking him to guess where i am. Ironically, he was in Orlando.


Hawaiian airport
First time ever to Hawaii – May 2013


Drunk driver killed high school classmate Keith’s son three days ago.

Just found out last night it took hours to remove Sam from the car.

And his Dad’s ribs are crushed, punctured lung, internal bleeding and multiple other injuries.

Feeling tested here.

Anyone else feeling that?

Despise the driver or forgive the driver?

Curse the driver or pray for the driver?

Oh my gosh, the list of people to pray for seems endless.

Road closed for hours. Not a lot of roads on the Hawaiian Islands. What repercussions from that put other Families or other emergency situations in critical situations?

Was there a bartender who could’ve stopped serving sooner?

Was the intoxicated driver angry at someone or something and got drunk because of it?

What happens when Keith becomes conscious for the first time and realizes Sam is gone?

Pray for the quick responders at every stage of Keith’s rescue?

Pray for the world to have zero tolerance for drinking and driving? Zero.

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James 3:17 is a great litmus test

aren't owls supposed to be wise?

Why not plan our death as best we can?

James 3:17. Is the solution pure and holy? Does it bring peace? Is it considerate and humble? Is it full of mercy, impartial, and sincere?

If we answered yes to each, we’re on the right track.

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It Was Just A Test

Deep In Thought...
Deep In Thought...

It was just a test.

A test we’d all like to pass, but none of us would want to take.

One must voluntarily die, so the other may live.

This is the epitome of kindness.

No matter what you believe about Jesus, none of us can deny that history has documented His death on the cross.

Heretic? Prophet? Son of God? Wise sage?

Was it just a test?