You are so worth it

Disney executive consultant


If you made it to this third blog, thank you (again).

Just really grateful that there are people like you in the world who can see a bigger picture and that the bigger picture is balance.

Hard as heck to achieve, but so worth trying.

And when the going gets tough, here’s to wishing you great internal strength to persevere.

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Do You Ever Wish Your Religious Center Thanked You More For Your Time, Talent and Treasure?

Last week in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, home of Acadia University and this Loonies & Toonies store (dollar store).

Look! The religious volunteers, they’re breathing! Ever feel as long as you fog the mirror, you’ve got the job?

Do you ever wish the good folks at your Religious Center paid more attention to you and thanked you more often for your gifts of time, talent and treasure?

Sometimes I feel like no one notices.

And then. And then I worry (panic) that our Pastors feel the same way.

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