What Is Right Is Not Always Popular, How Can We Be Thankful For That Tension In Our Lives?

One of our biggest decisions in life is the ongoing choosing between being popular or doing the right thing. Most of the time, they are diametrically opposed. Should we be thankful for this painful life struggle, or wish for it to go away? Next Blog

We Can Be Thankful For Fear Because It Gives Us Something To Overcome, Which Is Good Practice For Life

Ski jumping is big in Finland. These photos are from the ski jumper’s view before they let go and fly at like 60+ mph off the bottom of the ramp. I was nervous just holding the railing on a July afternoon. Next Blog

Could This Be The Real Reason We Take So Many Blessings For Granted?

I don’t know why we fail to count our blessings more often. Maybe it’s not cool enough. This is why following life’s Herd robs us of our courage to follow the path less traveled. The path less traveled is where the greatest rewards are. Rewards like peace of mind. We know this yet we choose […]