Big City Fast Paced Airports Are Really Cool, Especially When They’re Safe And Well Organized

From quiet country roads to fast-paced, big city airports, where the world’s safest jets provide inflight Internet. Heck, I’m even thankful that frequent travel merits complimentary upgrades. I’m thankful too, of walking back in through the garage door. Next Blog

Some Of The Greatest Blessings We Have Are The Ones Where None Of The Big Ones Come To Mind

Sure, we’re thankful for Democracy and the Internet and cars, but what about quiet country roads, where none of those things cross our mind? Next Blog

Can I Just Get In Your Face For A Second And Have You Tell Me You Get It?

Everyday won’t be carefree, but the fact that we are alive, is, well, what do you think it is? First and foremost, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the fact we are alive is our greatest blessing and opportunity, bar none. Please tell me you get this. Next Blog