Citizen Soldier

Not talking about the Three Doors Down rock song Citizen Soldier, or our Country’s National Guard, for whom the song is dedicated.

Talking about all the active duty men and women military personnel I’ve seen this week. Orlando to Atlanta, Atlanta to Columbia, Columbia to Atlanta, and Atlanta to Dallas.

Decided, in the spirit of giving, to not only give thanks internally, but to give thanks externally.

So I awkwardly asked how best to show appreciation for their efforts. They all said basically the same thing.

A simple thank you means a lot.

And so that’s what I’ve been doing, going only a little out of my way (that’s all it takes), to thank each and every one I pass.

The Lord works in mysterious ways. One of the service men, heading back to Iraq and leaving behind a wife and three children (16, 10, 6) at Christmas time, wound up being an angel for me about five minutes later.

November 2009

Will It Last?

Will the joy we felt yesterday, on Thanksgiving Day, last?

I mean, will the spirit of Thanksgiving, and being especially grateful, will it last?

Through the weekend?

Until the end of this month?

Will it last until Christmas?

Or has it come and gone?

September 2009

What If You Did?

What if you started everyday on your knees? And if you don’t have knees, like a few of my friends, use whatever position would be your equivalent.

What would happen to you if you did this every day?

Would it ruin your morning?

Would it be disgustingly inconvenient?

Would you look or feel like a fool?

This begs a question. “Why don’t you start everyday this way? Seriously”.