Can We Be Thankful For Crazy Busy Schedules That Leave Us Feeling Stressed?

Maybe we need the hectic pace and the blur of activity to allow us the blessing of slowing down for an evening walk and noticing a roadside diamond. Next Blog

Thankful For The Rare Things, Like Island Time, Which Isn’t Even A Thing

Cabin fever and island fever are the same thing. The tension coming from being confined, with limited access to the outside world. The paradox? Visiting an island and having limited access to the outside world. A 25-year Florida summer tradition. Yeah mon. 🙂 Next Blog

Some Graffiti Is Beautiful In It’s Message, While Still Remaining A Destruction Of Someone Else’s Property

While revisiting University of Iowa last month, I wanted to see if the message was still there. It was. Am thankful for having owned a lot of stuff, because it provided the opportunity to see the truth. Next Blog The original photo from Feb. 2011…