Not far from The Holy Land Experience

Universal Studios expansion
Universal Studios a couple days ago driving home from the Apple Store.


Universal Studios expansion
Universal Studios: counted nine construction cranes total. Two are missing in this photo.


Not far from The Holy Land Experience is Universal Studios. The Holy Land Experience is a minute from the Apple Store. The Family that owns the tourist attraction will soon become our neighbor two lots down.

Why share that?

Not sure really. Probably has something to do with it being a small world after all.

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A Different Type Of Religion

Disney World, The Magic Kingdom…a different type of religion…

And to say it’s not real for people would be a gross misunderstanding…

At Epcot, and all the Disney Theme Parks, differences don’t matter. All that matters is that Family and Friends have the most wonderful time of their lives.

A little glimpse of Heaven on Earth.

How many times have you visited a Disney Theme Park?

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