Let’s pretend neither one of us is going to move an inch

understanding and acceptance
Yesterday from FaceBook, serendipitously.


Let’s pretend for a moment that we’re family, related by blood.

Let’s pretend we have diametrically opposed beliefs about what’s socially acceptable – say equal rights for anyone in the LGBT community.

Let’s pretend neither one of us is going to move an inch in the direction of the other.

I wrote today’s post prompted by a thought i just had (below):

Because we are related by blood, neither of us should expect to get leniency from the other if our beliefs and values are outdated and no longer loving.


Remember when there were separate drinking fountains for two colors of people?

How stupid misguided was that?

If we refuse to love or accept someone because of their color, religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation, we should simply ask why?

And ask ourselves if Jesus would say, “Well done on your non-acceptance.”


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