Dear Son, delivering Food for Families for the 13th year

            Dear Son, delivering Food for Families for the 13th Thanksgiving Day in a row this morning. Yes, you’re 12, which means we started the tradition when you were three months old. As you’ve grown, it seems this year may be the first day you look at this process with […]

Is this seemingly insignificant act a sign of the harvest?

First day of school… August 20, 2012… At the end of the first day of 6th grade, a decade long tradition of a daily hug at pickup time was forgotten – by me. It had just started to lightly rain, so we rushed to the car. Backing out, my son said, “Aren’t you forgetting something?” […]

jeff noel Hopes This Comes Across As A Teachable Moment And Not As A Dig Against The Catholic Church

The Sunday epiphany was that the congregation was also going through the motions, at least as far as jeff noel saw it. Please consider the fact that noel had spiritually gone through the motions his entire life. Now his eyes (and ears) were wide open spiritually. The congregation dutifully sat and read along word for […]