Blessed Beyond Measure?

In a perfect world the answer is always yes

Central Florida sidewalk walkers
Such an unassuming sidewalk. It held (and still holds) my Olympic dream.


In everything give thanks?


Even tragedy?

In a perfect world, yes.


Because we can take solace in knowing that God wastes nothing.

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Prayers Please

Praying for someone we’ve never met

Husband and wife hug at airport
Photo: Chapin Noel, August 2009 at Orlando International Airport.


Praying for someone we’ve never met.

A fatal heart attack is never planned.

When it happens we are stunned and saddened. It happened to a client’s colleague the night before.

Moments before falling asleep last night, i pictured what it would feel like to no longer have Cheryl walking around in our home.

Moving forward, that is the reality for someone i’ve never met.

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One Question A Day?


Pray for Kenya.
Photo from Facebook feed.


Pray for Kenya
Photo from Facebook feed.


The question needs to move from:

Why did this happen?


Why isn’t the world doing a better job to stop it?


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Blessed Beyond Measure?

We do not have to accept this fact

Walt Disney World Mickey Mouse balloons
Another day at the office


We do not have to accept this fact. Bad things happen to good people.

Not accepting this fact doesn’t keep it from happening.

What if we accepted this fact and lived a life that planned on bad things happening? What if we didn’t squander our time?

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Please don't tell me

Prayer isn’t intended to protect us from bad things

Dog at sea wall
Pretty sure that’s a Dog’s prayer position.


What we pray for and what we get are usually pretty close.

When we only pray after something bad has happened we generally get the equivalent to what we get in the aftermath of a hurricane or flood if we didn’t heed the warnings and prepare in advance.

Pray isn’t intended to protect us from bad things.

Prayer is intended to assist us in coping with the inevitable.

Get it?


It is in our response that we thrive or survive.

Think about it.

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