Please don't tell me

Prayer isn’t intended to protect us from bad things

Dog at sea wall
Pretty sure that’s a Dog’s prayer position.


What we pray for and what we get are usually pretty close.

When we only pray after something bad has happened we generally get the equivalent to what we get in the aftermath of a hurricane or flood if we didn’t heed the warnings and prepare in advance.

Pray isn’t intended to protect us from bad things.

Prayer is intended to assist us in coping with the inevitable.

Get it?


It is in our response that we thrive or survive.

Think about it.

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A test we’d all like to pass but hope to never have to take

Hawaii highway 11
Texted Keith this photo, asking him to guess where i am. Ironically, he was in Orlando.


Hawaiian airport
First time ever to Hawaii – May 2013


Drunk driver killed high school classmate Keith’s son three days ago.

Just found out last night it took hours to remove Sam from the car.

And his Dad’s ribs are crushed, punctured lung, internal bleeding and multiple other injuries.

Feeling tested here.

Anyone else feeling that?

Despise the driver or forgive the driver?

Curse the driver or pray for the driver?

Oh my gosh, the list of people to pray for seems endless.

Road closed for hours. Not a lot of roads on the Hawaiian Islands. What repercussions from that put other Families or other emergency situations in critical situations?

Was there a bartender who could’ve stopped serving sooner?

Was the intoxicated driver angry at someone or something and got drunk because of it?

What happens when Keith becomes conscious for the first time and realizes Sam is gone?

Pray for the quick responders at every stage of Keith’s rescue?

Pray for the world to have zero tolerance for drinking and driving? Zero.

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Please don't tell me

We go through our days one at a time and they add up

Delta Bessborough Hotel Saskatoon
Fresh snowfall each day, and well below freezing


Delta Bessborough Hotel Saskatoon
The sun is almost down for the day and am just arriving…


We go through our days one at a time and they add up.

One year is 365 of them.

We think this math will go on and on for a long time.

Last night received word a high school classmate and his son were in a car accident.

Sam, 27, married with a young daughter, was tragically lost. Keith was airlifted to Oahu in critical condition.

Was best man at Keith’s wedding a week after we graduated high school in 1977.

What does this wake up call do and to whom is it intended?

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This Might Change Your Life

Dear readers, it certainly is not a secret, but…

Disney's Small World final goodbye scene
How and when will we say our last goodbyes?


With tragedy surrounding us, whom shall we fear? Death is never far away. We read about it everyday. Much of it tragic.

But what about us? Our death. When will it happen? How will it happen?

So, dear readers, it certainly is not a secret, but… we are going to die. How we live each day between now and then is determined by one person, and one person only.

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Prayers Please

Ever have a 2am what if moment?

Church sign on Colonial Drive Oralndo
life changing has good and not so good connotations


Ever have a 2am what if moment? This morning at 2:18am, Cheryl was not in bed next to me.

A frightening, but unusually calm terror immediately filled my body.

A quick review of Cheryl’s facts – I was groggy:

  • Left work with two colleagues
  • Went straight Orlando Magic basketball game downtown
  • After game, take Robin back to work to get her car
  • Then drop off Molina at Disney’s Grand Floridian
  • Home by 11pm, latest, right?

But it’s 2:18am.

What if she was in an accident? The phone would have rang.

What if she was abducted? The phone wouldn’t ring.


I called. No answer.

What if the kidnapper was brutal?

More intense panic.

Why didn’t she call?

Moving to the hall, I called louder downstairs…

Her precious voice. Also sleepy.

Was quietly reminded that the key to peace and contentment, even in the midst of a brutal world, is living each day like it fully counts.

Side note: Yesterday two bombs exploded at the 117th Boston Marathon finish line.

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