We Were Just Talking

We all have them, don’t we? Moments that stop us in our tracks. Some, because of remarkable natural beauty. Some because of graphic video images. And some while in the parking lot. After finishing a track workout at Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex last Tuesday, and saying good bye to the new group […]


The joy of having two Guest bloggers this week pales in comparison to the pain of the Haiti earthquake victims. Last night, after my son and I walked Carter, we hurriedly returned to our house. Told our son we needed to watch the evening news at 6:30PM. Our lifestyle doesn’t make much time to watch […]

I Hate Hearing From My Friends

What I mean is I hate hearing when tragedy happens. Two days ago an email shared the news that one of our college buddies had a tragedy. His teenage son died of a drug overdose. Can you even fathom this? I can not. For our friend, this probably makes 9/11 look like a picnic. May […]