Be Strong?

Be strong? Yes. What does that mean? Today, let’s use our imagination to to find a new way to see a long standing challenge we face. That’s what I intend to do. It’s what I try to do everyday. Do you? Will you? Today?

So Sad It’s Friday

No, I’m not sad it’s Friday. I’m incredibly grateful it’s Friday. It’s been an interesting week. Spent five full days “on the road”. Portland, Eugene, University of Oregon, Hayward Field, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Palm Springs and the Joshua Tree National Park. The incredible folks at Delta Airlines treated me like royalty. Had two […]

Sanibel Saturday

Sanibel Saturday. What a great way to spend a Saturday, on Sanibel Island. Started the day, per usual – on my knees. If you are interested, I have opened a Twitter account, under jeffreynoel Also on Facebook Just trying to make the world a little better before my time is up. Social networking appears like […]