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My New Friends Humble Me

My Other Two Friends
My Other Two Friends

We travel through life, day after day, going through the motions. This is something most humans have in common.

As I sit here in the Indianapolis airport, reflecting back on the past few days, one of the highlights was meeting Rigzin Monk, a Buddhist Monk from Nepal. We spoke for about 15 minutes.

Another highlight, was spending hours talking with a fellow professional speaker. He should be dead. He lost 175 pounds. His son has special needs. He likes to take long walks – and we took one last night.

Neither my friend nor Rigzin Monk will ever read this, but that won’t stop the humility from washing over me.

The Other Side

“No Soup For You!”

There was a Seinfeld scene taking place in a New York cafe and the chef said, “No soup for you!”

It became a famous phrase people would say when someone didn’t deserve something.

Well, everyone deserves today’s blog, however, “No blog for you!” simply means I ran out of time today.

Goodnight from North Carolina.

November 2009

Be Strong?

Be strong?


What does that mean?

Today, let’s use our imagination to to find a new way to see a long standing challenge we face.

That’s what I intend to do. It’s what I try to do everyday.

Do you?

Will you?


September 2009

So Sad It’s Friday

No, I’m not sad it’s Friday. I’m incredibly grateful it’s Friday.

It’s been an interesting week. Spent five full days “on the road”. Portland, Eugene, University of Oregon, Hayward Field, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Palm Springs and the Joshua Tree National Park.

The incredible folks at Delta Airlines treated me like royalty. Had two long travel days, an 18-hour day and a 12-hour day.

Was humbled by my inability to manage time better than planned.

There are always things that will happen that cannot be foreseen. They almost always happen. Why is it so difficult to accept this?

Whether it’s a trip or daily life, I must learn to plan for the unexpected. Common sense, just not common practice.

Looks like we’ll all have our work cut out for us today. Good luck.

Sanibel Saturday

Sanibel Saturday.

What a great way to spend a Saturday, on Sanibel Island.

Started the day, per usual – on my knees.

If you are interested, I have opened a Twitter account, under jeffreynoel

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Just trying to make the world a little better before my time is up. Social networking appears like the best approach at the moment.

Another approach I love – Carpe Diem – make it a GREAT Saturday. jeff noel đŸ™‚