Why attend a High School football game?

Last night at Friday night High School matchup of two undefeated teams.


Why attend a High School football game?

School spirit?



Yeah, a sense of community.

Similar to attending Church.


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The Shepherd serves the flock, not the other way around…

With 3,600+ Mid Life Celebration, LLC blog posts – all original content, all from one person – The Blog Whisperer, jeff noel’s proof is obvious.

While Jesus was alive, do you know how many people thanked Him for all His hard work, and for giving His best away for free? The answer is sad.

It didn’t stop Him did it? Nor should it stop you or me from doing what we can to help make the world a little nicer. You in?

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Blogging For SEO Or Content?

For People Searching For Hope And Authenticity
For People Searching For Hope And Authenticity

Do you blog? Do you read blogs? Do you hope to one day have a blog? Did you have a blog, but stopped because very few people read it?

Know what the biggest challenge is to staying motivated to write blog posts? Marketing. Some do this in the form of writing posts that are rich in keywords that search engines will find.

That’s like a band that has to perform music to sell records, instead of playing music they love. The temptation, and the choice, is always there.

I write for the Tribe, not for SEO. You’ll spread the ideas better and faster than keywords. Not sure what I’m talking about? That’s ok. Trust me, these blogs are “Real Life In Real Time”, offering Hope and authenticity.

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