Couldn’t Do It

Couldn’t watch TV yesterday. This isn’t a stretch for me because I rarely watch it anyway. But I hear about it on Facebook, Twitter and emails. And it comes as no surprise. Humanity always wants to help during disasters. Haiti. Devastation. Suffering. Faith. Hope. What good does God do when disaster happens? You have an […]

Facebook Can Nurture Our Spirit

Facebook can nurture our spirit. It can! Seriously. At least I think it can. The other day there was dialogue on my wall about someone hearing a Contemporary Christian song and how the lyrics spoke to this person in a profound way. That’s what Christian Music is all about. Helping us stay mindful of being […]

The Joy of Living

The Joy of Living is one of the most elusive of all endowments. Why? Just watch a child and you’ll find your answer. Having a child (9-year old boy) in our home is a daily reminder. We all, at least I do, need daily reminders of this simple fact, don’t we? Why? Because life is […]