Florida mountains

Last night looking East from the roof. Did you catch both objects? Look upper right in photo.

Where do you go in Florida to change your vantage point, to get away, to reflect, to watch the clouds?

The Florida mountains.

Ok, so there are no mountains, obviously, but a second story rooftop is a handy alternative.

Figured out a system to easily get there. Daily if so inclined. Like the past three nights.

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Gradually, we see a broader view of our world

Cracker Barrel breakfast menu
The juxtaposition of not having enough food versus having to “Loosen your belt” is striking – and perhaps, wrong. We spontaneously stopped for breakfast on the way home from volunteering.


After 16 years of delivering Food For Families on the mornings of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter, the purpose is finally starting to bloom. Our son (now 15) is gradually having a broader view of the world and can tangibly realize that helping people in need is a good and decent thing to do.




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