Everyone should be perfect except you because…



Everyone should be perfect except you because…

Most of us believe our Country shouldn’t do anything that would be bad for our Country.

No brainer.

Common sense.

In fact, doing something bad for our Country goes against the core of who you are.

No argument there.

And yet, if you asked yourself the same question, “Is this choice I’m about to make bad for me?”, it’s astonishing how your karma, conviction, and commitment to doing what’s good and right has no less meaning.

Literally, no meaning.

So trivial in fact, you rationalize and do the bad things.

You know the list.

Why is this so?

Dude, be careful. you’re poisoning your life.


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Common sense but not common practice

American Flag blowing in the wind
God bless America, and God bless patient parents.


Patience is a virtue.

It was a risk to make him go to Track & Field practice two months late.

But after only two days of practice (the first was coincidently team photo day and no physical practice) he is willingly going to this morning’s practice.

Did i mention today is Saturday?

Did i mention he “hates” sports?





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That’s all we can do really, isn’t it? Try.

Seems simple enough. Just try.

Try to do what?

Try to do your best. To be a good and decent person, using a moral compass as our guide.

jeff noel.org is one of the ways I try to practice what I preach. But you already knew that, right?

PS. (gulp) How do you think I’m doing?