Does being a softy make us vulnerable or indomitable?

Walking dead book display
See the theme, and this is in a game store (seriously)


Does being a softy make us vulnerable or indomitable?

Showing our soft side. Isn’t that what the Dalai Lama calls compassion?

Isn’t that forgiveness, humility?


Self awareness?

Desire to live outside of hate and bitterness?

Focus and discipline to polish our rough edges?

Be the change we wished we’d see?

Sure seems so.

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Where Will This Lead?
Where Will This Lead?

Have you ever felt totally vulnerable? I mean, to our entire world? Me neither. Until last year.

What started years ago as a half-hearted, but well-intentioned effort to blog, has now become a labor of love.

Five blogs daily. Every day. Crazy. Wonderful. Exciting.

A couple weeks ago, I humbly invited any followers to consider being a Guest Blogger in one of the five areas – Mind, Body, Spirit, Money, HQ.

Tomorrow, you will meet Bob, a Tennessee native. Bob has been so encouraging over the past year. His insights are always effective – revealing what we might call, “the truth”.

Tomorrow, “Who’s Not Capable?”