Not everyone wanted to be there

Orlando classroom


Orlando Baby Boomer Speakers


The whole thing started because she generously and compassionately gave up her seat at the table.

We sat at the table, close to 20 of us, for the Disney retirement services overview. Some of us have already retired. For others it will happen next week or the week after.

Her job, and the colleague (34 years of Disney service) with her were retiring because her department was being permanently closed. There were no internal options.

She will see things she’s never seen before. Like a caterpillar waiting.

She provided a quick tour of her work location since it was in the same building as the meeting. Mid Life Celebration, the book, is something she said she wants to read. If she doesn’t buy it in 72 hours, it will never happen.

A metaphor for life, no?

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We go through our days one at a time and they add up

Delta Bessborough Hotel Saskatoon
Fresh snowfall each day, and well below freezing


Delta Bessborough Hotel Saskatoon
The sun is almost down for the day and am just arriving…


We go through our days one at a time and they add up.

One year is 365 of them.

We think this math will go on and on for a long time.

Last night received word a high school classmate and his son were in a car accident.

Sam, 27, married with a young daughter, was tragically lost. Keith was airlifted to Oahu in critical condition.

Was best man at Keith’s wedding a week after we graduated high school in 1977.

What does this wake up call do and to whom is it intended?

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And The Question Is…….?

The question, to the answer, “To Love and Be Loved”.

Drum roll please……………

“What is the meaning of Life”?

Before our son was born, I had a dream where I was about 65 years old, and our son, now eight, was older, maybe in his twenties, and he asked me, very seriously and deliberately, “Dad, what’s the meaning of Life”?

And I looked at him him the way everyone looks when asked the World’s most important question – dumbfounded, confused, and embarrassed – and said,“Hmmm. That’s a great question. I don’t know”.

Or worse yet, I attempt some long-winded answer, that is just a disguise to my ignorance and lack of forethought and preparation.

“Pathetic”, is the first thing I thought of as I analyzed this dream.

“How can you not know, Dad”? My son sadly asks. “How can you not know after all these years”?, he mutters.

Then I wake up. It was only a dream. Thank God it was only a dream.

Or was it? Hmmm……. Carpe Diem, jeff noel 🙂