Who is qualified to preach the Gospel according to Walt Disney?

jeff noel .org website header color is red on purpose
jeff noel .org website header color is red on purpose


Preaching the Gospel according to Walt Disney? Who’s qualified?

Someone who understands that no matter our different skin colors, our blood is universally the same blood red color.

This color is uneventfully portrayed in jeff noel.org’s header.

Heading to Disney’s Magic Kingdom in a few minutes for some preaching.

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Are We A Family?

What is a Family?

What does a really good one look like? Is there such a thing?

I surely don’t have an answer. And yesterday, as I was minutes from leaving my house for the airport, I quietly wondered if I even have a clue.

The car was packed with my carry-on suitcase and small backpack. I was all set to drive to Orlando International Airport for a business trip to Niagara Falls.

“Goodbye Mom and Dad”.

My Father-In-Law started to cry after he shook my hand. He never cries. “What’s wrong”?, I asked.

Next thing I know we had a 20-minute conversation about life and the physical hardships of getting old.

They are 83 and 86, and when I get get back home today, they’ll be back in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

They’ve been visiting us for several weeks, to witness our Son’s First Holy Communion.

To make a long story short, I am challenged to know what to do, what to say or when to do it or when to say it.

Mother Theresa said something to this effect, “The way to create World Peace is to go home and Love your Family“. Humbly, jeff 🙂