Be flexible and nimble

Be flexible and nimble. The GoDaddy hosting account migration photos i took yesterday aren’t loading onto this post. Why? No idea. Solution? Tried a plan-B but that plan didn’t work either, so that’s why you see the photo above. Ultimately, it still themes to yesterday’s efforts.   There is no automatic upgrade from my original […]

Hypertext Preprocessor

Hypertext Preprocessor, also know as PHP. PHP is an HTML-embedded Web scripting language. i don’t know what that means, but Rob, my new technology partner does. i’m praying that our morning is exceptionally productive. Two big goals this morning by noon: Upgrade to the highest level PHP possible in my GoDaddy Legacy account. Current PHP […]

Orlando Magic and Disney Magic

Orlando Magic and Disney Magic. Game three is being played as we speak. There was a young girl, maybe seven years old, who sang the National Anthem. My wife told me she is autistic. While I don’t know the specific story, the summary is there was a time when she couldn’t talk. They discovered her […]