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When is your funeral?

Epcot's American Adventure pavilion clock tower
The number IV is not usually displayed as IIII, but it is here. On purpose.


When is your funeral?

What are the advantages and disadvantages to knowing or not knowing?

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Unanswered Questions?

Why does God take some, and leave others

Canadian Catholic Church in Winter
Without God, what is the thing that connects all people? Death?


Why does God take some, and leave others.

When is our funeral?

No one knows.

It could be soon.

Do we live like that?

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Live like you mean it

When spiritually overwhelmed, do this one, easy thing…

When spiritually overwhelmed, try doing this one, easy thing… lean into a great song…

God is a myth… and this is how the Newsboys respond…

God’s not dead, He’s surely alive… He’s living on the inside… roaring like a lion…

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The great summer of 2012

When will we be still?

is there a difference between being still and being asleep?

When will we be still? When will we figure out we control the controllables? The rest is in God’s hands.

So our portion sizes. Our financial self-discipline. Our work ethic. Our desk. These are all things we can control. Not easily though.

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Will You Forgive Tiger Woods?

Oh, you know what, there are probably exceptions to when and whom we get to forgive.

Is that it? Is that what you think?

PS. Do you sometimes wonder if God ever has a tough time deciding?