Boomers, Why Is It That Our Life Choices Are Usually Inspirational Or Embarrassing?

Lane 8, a blog about striving for the worst lane? Seriously?

Why is it, Boomers, that our choices are usually inspirational or embarrassing? If we go, it inspires, if we falter or flee, it embarrasses. Maybe this is the fight or flight survival instinct animals are born with. jeff noel often poses a question when he’s faced with fight or flight, “Ten years from now, will anyone remember or care about this?”

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Boomers, Life’s Big Choices Are Few, With Many Secondary Decisions

Advancing or retreating are two of life's choices

Our mental, physical, spiritual, financial (job) and administrative (paperwork of life) responsibilities comprise Life’s Big Choices.

Choices and decisions are similar yet different. We must choose where we will focus our commitment. We must decide many things that come from those choices.

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