Blessed Beyond Measure?

The biggest concert ever assembled is nature

ant inside yellow flower
During run last week in Indiana. Tiny ant inside small flower.


roadside yellow flowers
Roadside flowers during run. Ant is still visible in the lower right flower.


yellow wild flower
Without any insects.


The majesty of nature is lost on most humans.

Blessed are those who notice (and appreciate).

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Pray Without Ceasing

Pray without ceasing. It rolls off our tongues so easily.

But do we?

Do we actually do it?

This is one of the biggest challenges humans face and the main reason we are so disconnected from what we want and from what we actually get.

Ever wonder what you’d get if you actually DID pray without ceasing?

Find a million ways to do this – to stay in the moment. Those continuous, seemingly insignificant moments that make up our day. Day after day. Week after week. Month after month. Year after year.