And Furthermore

Building on yesterday’s jeff noel blog post….. Blogging every day, and posting on the Internet for the world to see, adds an element of risk few people can comprehend. Why? Because anyone, and I do mean anyone, can “see what you think” – can “see what you value”. There is also a saying in life, […]

Want To Know The Benefits?

One of the benefits to blogging every day is going through the process of what to write and how to write it. Only people who “journal” or “write a diary” daily can fully appreciate this phenomenon. And, if I do say so myself, the process of posting it on a public Internet blog for the […]

Orlando Magic and Disney Magic

Orlando Magic and Disney Magic. Game three is being played as we speak. There was a young girl, maybe seven years old, who sang the National Anthem. My wife told me she is autistic. While I don’t know the specific story, the summary is there was a time when she couldn’t talk. They discovered her […]

Faith, Hope, Love

Faith, Hope, Love. Words to live by, eh? What motivates you every day? What inspires you to try to make a difference, even though people or circumstances seem to tell you you’re crazy? Here’s a thought, posted at Lane You may find it just the thing to help you Dream Big, Get There, and […]