Weekends off for the rest of your life?

Orlando based management consultants


(photo: The new profile can include words like CEO, Owner, Founder, doesn’t work on weekends unless he wants to)

Praying that the goal to no longer work weekends doesn’t ever feel selfish.

The jar of beads is less than 1/3 full.

Each bead represents a weekend – 52 weekends a year multiplied by the number of years until a child is 18 years old (old enough to leave home on their own free will).

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Way more prayer warriors than you might expect in the workplace

Orlando Based Leadership Speakers


(photo: After 30 years at Disney the final day arrived… it was yesterday, Halloween.)

There are so many who are quietly, and invisibly, praying for you.

It’s mind blowing how many professional people believe in something so strongly yet rarely, if ever, talk openly about it.

Yet make no mistake, there is an army of prayer warriors in your work place. Am taking solace in this on the very first day of ‘retirement’.

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Life is hard for everyone, even the ‘lucky ones’

iPhone clock alarm screen shot


Disney's Yacht and Beach Club Convention Center Lobby


Disney's Yacht and Beach Club Convention Center Lobby


(photo: Woke up yesterday nine minutes before alarm – set for 3:45am above. Needed to be in place, at Walt Disney World, above, by 6am)

A different kind of cross to bear is the one no one can see.

Most of us have at least one invisible cross.

Some are towing a trailer full of them.

This post is for all of you.

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If we are not careful, this will define us

Palm tree view from bedroom window


(photo: Fall has arrived to Orlando and Walt Disney World… windows open for first time since March)

How easy is it for our work to define us?

The process of cleaning things off the Disney MacBook has been cathartic.

Will turn the laptop in the same way it was issued – a blank canvas just waiting to be used.

Deleting emails, files, documents, photos…

Just when we think we are self aware, we learn something astonishingly new and important.

If we are not careful, work can define us.

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