Nothing in excess and know thyself

High School Graduation
Dr. Brenda Fields gave an inspiring and practical speech.


Nothing in excess and know thyself.

Our Son’s Latin teacher has a remarkable reputation at High School, and she was overwhelmingly chosen by the students to deliver the 2018 graduating class the commencement speech.

A significant part of her speech revolved around the Enid – with the two main point being:

  1. Nothing in excess
  2. Know thyself

Sound wisdom back then.

And still today.


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Just sent an email meeting request to coach

Florida Class 3A High School Basketball Champions
Five days ago, Coach Williams (top left) and the WPS State Championship team and staff.


School has been back in session since Winter break for nearly two months. Our Son has yet to attend a track & field practice. The head coach is also an assistant basketball coach.

i’ve intentionally remained out of the situation with high hopes our teen could see this situation through to resolution.

Basketball season concluded last week with a first ever State Championship.

The track team has been practicing since January.

There is no field team, perhaps because there is no field coach.

This is from a school touting excellence as their DNA.

i remain patient and hopeful something nice will come from this delay.





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