Here’s a perfect example of why Christians get a bad rap

is there any difference between walking in and out of the gym… or the church?

Here’s a perfect example of why Christians get a bad rap. Let’s use a gym membership for this example. You belong to the gym.

You openly share that you go. You have the workout gear. The color coordinated spandex things. The water bottle, iPod, headphones. The gym-logo tee shirt. Maybe even a personal trainer, but doubtful.

The thing is, you rarely go, and when you are there, it’s more like socialization than serious, strenuous activity.

Belonging to the gym doesn’t mean anything if you aren’t committed with your actions and results.

If you claimed to be a fit athlete, people would call you a liar.

Now insert Church everywhere I inferred Gym.

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So I Told Him This

“My goal is to help you”.

Had a “deep” conversation with our son (9) last night. He has several chores he’s responsible for. One of them is daily. This is the one that we discussed last night.

We finished our simple dinner from our screened-in back porch. The sun had set and it was dark outside, with only the light from inside the house gently illuminating our peaceful surroundings.

Conditioning led me to first offer a consequence for not doing what he is supposed to do. Then it hit me, what about a reward for doing it, instead of a punishment for not? We agreed to use both.

Generally, children are conditioned to think, “when you don’t do something you get in trouble”. I reminded him that the goal isn’t to catch him doing it wrong. The goal is grand and noble. And the goal is deceptively simple.

“My goal is to help you”.