What do you feel?

The song is here.

What do you feel?

Like day to day?

Or at the end of a year (or end of a decade)?

What we feel is an asset and a liability.


It’s our job to accentuate, propagate, and appreciate the positive and mitigate, alleviate, and or eliminate the negative.

Happy present moment.

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i can’t spiritually do it for you

Walt Disney map for Walt Disney World land
The other day at One Man’s Dream. Admiration and worship are two opposite concepts. Humans are prone to forgetting this. i admire Walt. i worship Jesus.


i can’t spiritually do it for you.

Someday, and i hope it doesn’t take you the 40 years it took me to figure it out, you’ll want to sell yourself on the fact that you are the CEO of You, Inc.

When you stop looking for others to change your circumstances and admit it’s your sole responsibility, your transformation will take place in a way you could have never believed possible.

Have fun with it.

Enjoy it.

Peace and blessings immeasurable.

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